The Most Musical Time of the Year

December is truly the “season of praise.” The music of winter calls us to our sacred places with jubilant alleluias and tender cradlesongs. The diversity we hear in this beloved repertoire is truly cross-cultural with almost every country contributing treasured songs to our lexicon of carols.  The soundtrack of the holidays leaps across stylistic boundaries and decorates our ears with everything from Bach to Rock.  There is always something new as each generation adds to our collection.

Even with our vast variety of artistic and cultural idioms it is not these great differences that are so striking, but the unity found in the Christmas message. Its message of hope and peace is timeless and unchanging even as our musical trends come and go.

In this issue of WorshipSongsOnline, our bloggers and writers look at this most musical time of year and offer their thoughts along with sharing some of our new publications.  We hope that our efforts will offer a little something special even as you prepare in your own way for the coming of the Christ child.

Much grace…


Invitation To a Miracle

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