Every time we gather for corporate worship, we are witnesses to those who worship alongside us. We testify of the greatness of our God and our love for Him through our worship expressions. Here are 7 key ways we witness when we worship:


  • We humbly SUBMIT ourselves to the Lord. We are a witness to others as we outwardly display the inward status of a humble heart in worship before the God of the universe.


  • We graciously DEFER to one another. We testify when we look out for the interests of one another in worship.


  • We PROCLAIM God’s glory, majesty and might as we sing with gusto and passion. Keeping silent is not an option for believers overflowing with love for God because of His matchless mercies.


  • We PRAY It’s easy to let our mind roam during prayer times, but prayers of confession, intercession, and supplication come from a heart surrendered to Christ and draw others around us into a spirit of prayer.


  • We GIVE all we are, and all we have. According to Romans 12, WE are the sacrifice on the altar of worship. Seeking to give our all, and in every way, is a tremendous testimony to those seated near us in corporate worship.


  • We RECEIVE the gospel message with joy and gratitude. Keeping our hearts soft and pliable before the Lord allows His Spirit to speak to us, drawing us near to God, filling us, renewing us, reviving our spirit.


  • We RESPOND to God’s Word with action. When the Holy Spirit tells us what to do, our obedience is a wonderful witness in worship.


May God bless you as you witness in worship throughout the summer.


Soli Deo Gloria!


I Claim the Cross

Arise and Bless the Lord


John Parker
A native of Louisiana, John Parker holds the BM in Vocal Performance from Louisiana College and the MM in Choral Conducting from Northwestern State University. Composing primarily for church and school choirs, John’s 600+ choral works are published by numerous state-side companies. Active as a choral clinician and lecturer, Mr. Parker is author of How to Start a Fine Arts Academy in Your Church and numerous drama collections. John and his family make their home in Austin, TX where John has served as Associate Pastor of Worship & Music at Austin Baptist Church since 2014.


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