Martin and the Doors

John Parker is a writer who needs no introduction – and so I won’t.

Fred Bock Music Company recently released a new children’s musical to help churches commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which happens this year.  Did you know that?  500 years of Protestants arguing about predestination, whether the clergy or the laity has the true leadership role in a church, and that Jesus drank grape juice and not wine at the Last Supper.  What better way to commemorate that than with a children’s musical, right?  And, who better to do it than John Parker and his little sidekick, Joey.

Since John did such a bang-up job on the musical, I thought it would only be appropriate for him to take a moment in the Fine Line Spotlight to share a bit about it with all of you.  Here’s what he wrote:


Celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s courageous act in 1517, by performing this brand new musical for children, Martin and the Doors, published by Fred Bock Music.  

 What a wonderful privilege to work with one of my favorite composers, Joseph Martin, to create this exciting work for children. Martin and the Doors celebrates the five great truths declared by protestant reformer Martin Luther. Each scene delivers an important spiritual lesson as a computer helps the characters (trapped in a church basement) search for clues that will lead them to Luther’s doors of truth. Well-balanced with humor, scripture and joyful songs, this musical is easy and fun to learn. The entire work can be sung in unison, or for those with more advanced groups, you can add the second part.  

One unique feature of this work is the optional reader’s narration provided for more formal worship presentations. This version allows for the five truths and their songs to be presented progressively throughout the church year. Whether presented as a musical or as a series of lessons and songs, Martin and the Doors will teach and reach young musicians with a jubilant message of faith.  


Oh, I almost forgot – this musical is also perfect for your church summer music camp!  If you don’t have a musical or production picked out yet, the link below will introduce you to your new best friend!!!

Thanks, John, for doing such a great job on Martin and the Doors!

Martin and the Doors


Stephen Bock
Stephen Bock serves as President of Fred Bock Music Company, a job he completely enjoys. After graduating from Occidental College, Mr. Bock spent fifteen years in the television and film business, working as a writer, producer, and editor on many award winning documentaries and network specials. Following the untimely death of his father, Fred, Stephen returned to the family business in 1999 and has been there ever since. He says that his tenure in the music publishing business has been a “thrilling ride and I’m glad to be working with such universally talented and nice people.” He served as the President of the Church Music Publishers Association from 2009-2010.

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