Curiosity Corner

For this issue of WorshipSongsOnline, we asked our composers….What was your best Christmas gift ever, and what was your worst Christmas gift ever?

Kevin Boesiger:

We have some very dear friends that each year give us a gift card to the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City. My wife’s birthday is in January. We have made it a tradition to get away together for a nice relaxing weekend, especially after the crazy schedule for the holiday season. The Lied Lodge is our favorite place to go so this gift has been the best gift for several years in a row now!

The worst gift I can remember is not one I got but one I gave. When our oldest son was two, we had very little extra income to spend on gifts. I can remember getting him a hot wheel car, a coloring book, and a set of crayons in the shape of cars. Our kids still give us a hard time about that gift. I am sure it made no difference to him, but I always felt like I was not providing for my family. Looking back and having more life experience, I certainly realize that was not a huge flaw in my parenting skills.

Patti Drennan:

My best gift was obviously my engagement ring I received in 1974. It wasn’t a surprise, but actually a “phew”, because my husband of 42-years and I dated 7 years before marrying. (We were high school sweethearts). After I reached into a gift bag to pull out my “gift,” I showed my hand to my parents, to which my Mother replied to Jim, “Well, it’s about time!”

My less-than-desirable gift was an expensive matching polyester workout suit that swished when I walked. I returned that pricey gift and bought a tv for the kitchen!

Vikki Schwarz:

A hand-embroidered and quilted blanket that my Grandma Schwarz made for me when I was a child. She embroidered animals, pictures of children, and toys on four-inch white cotton squares and made a checkerboard pattern with pink squares of the same size. Because she did not do red or blue work, the quilt was vibrant with an array of colored thread; it was a perfect winter gift and the most beautiful thing I had as a child. I am now working on embroidering squares using her same decals to make similar quilts for my grandsons in the next few years.

Once, at a White Elephant gift exchange, I ended up going home with an empty gallon milk jug that was labeled “A Gallon of Free Air.” I’ve since learned to be a little more strategic in the way White Elephant works!

Pat Mock:

Worst present: Big screen console TV.

Best present: Necklace with three sparkling diamonds… one for each of our children!

Cindy Berry:

Hi!  My worst present was from my first boyfriend.  He gave me a little bracelet; I later found out it had been his sister’s bracelet, and she thought it was ugly.    

My favorite Christmas present was a beautiful ring, custom designed by my husband.  It was totally unexpected!  I still wear it and love it!

Pepper Choplin:

Best:  My banjo in the 10th grade.

Worst: Charming music note garland that I had given the person the year before.

John Parker:

Best Christmas gift I ever received was a set of over-the-ear headphones in 1981. Those headphones opened a new world of “detail” in sound for me. Listening to music through those headphones was like listening to music for the very first time!

The worst Christ gift I ever received came to me during a White Elephant gift exchange. The gifts were opened and traded for quite a while and I ended up with the worst one there: a broken spork from Taco Bell. HAHAHAHAHA

Joseph Martin:

Best gift ever:
My first piano!   What an amazing life-changing gift that turned out to be!

Worst gift ever:
Several years ago my mom got me and Sue side by side cemetery plots in Sandy Mush, North Carolina!  No word on the construction of the visitors center and gift shop!  At least now I’m ready for my dirt nap!



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