Curiosity Corner: Name three things from your childhood that are no longer available today…

Robert Sterling:

When I think of my youth, I don’t really miss many “things.” All the “things” from my youth have been improved over the years.  No, what I mostly miss from my youth is my youth.

David Schwoebel:

1) Committed and passionate leaders in youth and music ministry. Many of these ministry mentors/role models have passed on and can no longer hear your joys and/or advise your concerns. It is now the energetic memory of their work with you that challenges and motivates you.
2) Time to study/learn/practice in-depth. In today’s adult world we are subliminally expected to be in almost constant motion and “doing it.”
3) Homemade youth choir tour outfits complete with paisley ties and vests.Those “fashionable” looks now provide timely chuckles and instill fear in your youth choir members upon viewing.

Jeff Reeves:

My maternal grandmother’s cooking

Weekend trips to Santa Fe

Size 29 waist pants

I miss these because things because they made me happy.

Brian Buda:

  1. Station wagons. I loved sitting in the very back of the station wagon on road trips. Minivans today have nothing on them.
  2. TGIF. Family Matters. Full House. Boy Meets World. Enough said.
  3. Record stores. Finding new music used to be so much harder and intentional. I’m glad it’s easier now, but nostalgia for the brick and mortar stores still kicks in.

Heather Sorenson:

Heather Hobby Doll – sister of the famous Holly Hobby Doll. This was my favorite for obvious reasons. While Hobby Holly was always dressed in vibrant blue, Heather Hobby was always dressed in neutral colors. Maybe that’s where my love of neutrals comes from!

Amelia Bedelia Books – With eBay, nothing is truly “no longer available,” but these books made me laugh so much as a little girl! My family was (sometimes painfully) literal, and the author’s play on words opened a whole new world for me.

Little Marcy Records – I was allowed to listen to pretty much NO Christian artists growing up (btw, it’s the biggest stretch in the world to call Little Marcy a Christian artist – ha!), but for some reason, Little Marcy was approved listening material in our house. If you google her, the images are almost frightening, but she provided me with music  growing up.

David Angerman:

Drive Inn Theatres – The Waco Drive-in theatre was a community event, where we met our friends and enjoyed great food, delivered straight to our car window!

This one’s more of an “in reverse” item.  I miss the time when we didn’t have cell phones or computers connected to the world-wide-web.  That age was simpler, and you had more time to yourself without the pressure of keeping up with your Facebook page, doing work from home, or catching flack for not answering that person who keeps nagging you with texts late at night.

Iron-On Patches – I was so rough on my blue jeans, my mom would iron on patches on the knees before I ever wore them even once.  When I wore through those, she ironed on patches over the patches!

Bonus answer:  Watching Wild Kingdom on Saturday nights with my family.  “Presented by Mutual of Omaha” (spoken in a deep, authoritative and animated voice!)

I know you didn’t ask, but here is a list of things I don’t miss!

Bell bottoms


The Partridge Family

David Cassidy

The World Book Encyclopedia

Platform shoes or Clogs

Drip candles

Much peace, love, hippie beads and black light posters to you.

Joseph Martin:

1. CD players.  Remember those!

2. Metronomes that can actually drive the cat crazy!  Everybody has moved to electronics and my cat misses the fun!

3. Pin Ball Machines.  I spent many quarters in front of these colorful and noisy diversions.  I recently played  a vintage one at a friend’s house and I’m still a wizard!

Vicki Bedford:

1) Funyuns – because we loved ‘em!

2) Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Float with Ice – a pretty special treat (so good!), but I haven’t found it on McDonald’s new self-order modules.

3) Hair tape – just the thing for girls with short, curly hair (like me!) who wanted desperately for their bangs and “sideburn curls” to dry flat.  (My friends with long, straight, late 60’s-early 70’s hair were drying their hair wrapped around orange juice or coffee cans!)

John Parker:

  1. The actor, Adam West as Batman.  I enjoyed watching the original Batman series as a child.  Sadly, Mr. West died June, 2017
  2. There was an amusement park in Baton Rouge called, “Fun Fair Park” that featured kiddie rides and carnival games.  The park operated from 1963-1999 featuring roller coasters such as “The Wild Mouse” and “Galaxi.”  I have fond childhood memories enjoying Fun Fair Park with friends.
  3. Buckskin Bill Black of Baton Rouge died Jan. 11, 2018 at age 88.  He hosted a local market show for kids called, “Storyland” from 1955 to 1990.  The show featured cartoons and “The Monday Morning March.”   I last saw Buckskin Bill in Baton Rouge at an event in 2013.  So glad I got to see my childhood hero one last time.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.25.51 AM


Pamela Stewart:

Patti Play Pal (a life-size doll who walked and could wear your clothes)

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic


Lee Dengler:

Sledding and skating in Souderton, PA.  I loved to figure skate, and was quite good at it – at least by Souderton standards.  I lived across the street from a skating pond, and in the winter, went skating after school whenever the ice permitted.  Souderton has many steep hills and they would always close off 4th street for sledding.  We hit Olympic speeds at the bottom.  

My parents owned a bakery and I spent many hours there as a child and youth. I miss their famous cinnamon buns, lemon sponge pies and shoofly pies (Google a recipe – it’s worth it!).  I miss the smells.

I miss Ocean City, NJ.  Our family, and, as I got older, my teenage friends would frequently spend a day in this seaside resort.  I loved walking the boardwalk, swimming in the ocean, playing arcades, and Mack and Manco Pizza.  

Larry Shackley:

 MY EMENEE CHORD ORGAN. Life was more simple when you could harmonize any song with C, G, D, and F chord buttons. (This is a replica I found online.)



RECESS. Time to put down my work and run around for 15 minutes before resuming the task at hand.

PENNY CANDY. Within walking distance of our house were at least three stores that sold all sorts of wonderful sweet treats, and even with a nickel or a dime you could get a nice sugar buzz.

Patti Drennan:

My record player with the large spindle that played ten 45’s! I still have many of those songs memorized.

My silver metal Christmas tree with rotating color wheel. I loved watching the colors change!

Watching “American Bandstand” every week. I so wanted to go there and dance!

Patricia Mock:

What do I miss most about my youth?
1-Blissful ignorance
2-Carefree time
3-Basically, my YOUTH!!!


Nancy Price:

My cowboy/cowgirl outfit – complete with hat and boots – when I was around 5 years old .  i loved the Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger television shows and always wanted to ride horses.

My baseball mitt. I am a huge baseball fan and used to play catch with my dad and watch games on tv. 

My handmade apron that my grandma made for me. I always wore  it when I made cookies with my mother and helped in the kitchen.






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