Music is a powerful and useful tool to bring together people of all ages in the church. I’m sure you’re already engaged in several of these multi-generational activities, but if not, give these ideas some thought:

1. CHOIR/ORCHESTRA – If your church is like mine, the adult choir/orchestra is one of the few places where multiple generations interact on a weekly basis. My youngest choir member is in her early 20’s, and my oldest in his mid 80’s. That’s a span of 60 years, or nearly three generations. Church music is a great way to bring people together, regardless of diversity of interests and life experiences. I marvel at the cooperation and unity of singers/players as they interact to prepare to lead in worship.

2. COMMUNITY EVENTS – Large-scale events are a great way to involve and reach out to people of all ages in your community. Consider providing music at these events as a way to foster multi-generational interaction: Neighborhood Block Parties, Fall Festival, Vacation Bible School, Community Concerts

3. CORPORATE WORSHIP – Every Sunday is wonderful blend of worshippers of all ages. Help unite generations of worshippers by: 1) providing musical variety 2) reading scripture together aloud 3) taking communion in family groups 4) keeping worshippers sensitive to and engaged with those worshipping around them

4. FINE ARTS ACADEMY – Offering private and group fine arts lessons in your church is a great way to reach out to students of all ages. Whether studying music, drama, dance, or art, the fine arts community can underscore and celebrate generational diversity. I’m continually amazed at the generational diversity in attendance at end-of-the-semester recitals. Makes for a wonderful and excellent spirit of cooperation and achievement.

5. SPECIALTY CHOIRS – On special emphasis days in your church, why not feature multi-generational choirs/ensembles on days such as: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Family Day, Major Church Anniversary Days, etc. Specialty choirs help build community, and can be a great way to entice new singers/players to use their talents on a more consistent basis.


To Every Generation We ProclaimScreen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.28.02 AM


A native of Louisiana, John Parker holds the BM in Vocal Performance from Louisiana College and the MM in Choral Conducting from Northwestern State University. Composing primarily for church and school choirs, John’s 600+ choral works are published by numerous state-side companies. Active as a choral clinician and lecturer, Mr. Parker is author of How to Start a Fine Arts Academy in Your Church and numerous drama collections.
John and his family make their home in Austin, TX where John has served as Associate Pastor of Worship & Music at Austin Baptist Church since 2014.

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