Sing New Songs! (Not a Suggestion)

I opened my Bible app one day while traveling (one of the beautiful things about technology – a Bible, concordance, and study notes all on the same small, hand-held device as my phone, camera, map, computer, to-do-list, music library…. you get the idea).

As I opened the app, the Bible Verse of the Day popped up. I’m not sure who decides what the Verse of the Day is, and I have no idea what Bible version was selected, but this is what it said:

“Sing new songs to the Lord. Play loudly on a grand piano!”

I loved this! I think I actually laughed out loud. Sing new songs? Check! Play loudly on a grand piano? Check! There are many commands in Scripture that I miss or just don’t do well. But this one – yeah, I’ve got this one.

I especially appreciate this verse because, for most of my life, there seemed to be a battle over which music is the better choice for the Body of Christ: new songs or the older music of our Christian heritage. This particular verse (in whatever version you prefer) validated my gift of songwriting. If God says to sing new songs, I will write new songs for us to sing!

Below are a few of my favorite new pieces that I’ve worked on recently. Maybe you’ll enjoy singing these new songs!


Psalm 23
Surely He Has Borne Our Sorrows
Honest Prayers
Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy
I Shall Not Want
Psalm 24
Christmas Dreams (Cantata)


Heather Sorenson
Heather Sorenson entered the church music industry in her twenties, and her name quickly became a welcomed fixture in the publishing world. Heather is hired by the largest and most respected publishers in the world, and her pieces remain at the top of Bestsellers lists and Editor’s Choice selections. Initially recognized for her skill as a pianist, Heather is now known for her compositions in choral anthems, solo piano collections, and orchestrations. Her works are performed regularly at competitions, concerts, recitals, and churches worldwide. Although her career is sometimes on a big stage, Heather’s heart is leading the Church in worship, and she feels that her greatest calling is using her music to connect people with God. In addition to being a full-time composer, Heather regularly is a guest speaker and conductor at churches across America, and leads scores of sessions each year at various worship conferences, schools, and universities.

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