Buying the perfect Christmas gift for my pianist/composer Dad, Joseph Martin, is never easy.

First of all he is very picky!

Second of all he already has everything!

Thirdly, he is very picky!

This year I’m thinking about a lot of interesting musical options. I have been doing my research, and I am narrowing it down to a final list.  If you have a special musician in your family or circle of friends, you may want to consider these holly jolly selections to put the Ho, Ho, Ho in your holidays.

Dad and Sue were on the road 300 days this past year! Consequently, this Christmas I’m strongly considering a pair of musical gloves that when worn turns any hard surface into a keyboard.  Each finger corresponds to a note of the major scale. In addition, he can choose from eight background rhythms ranging from hard rock to cool jazz!  No doubt he’ll be the most popular passenger on all those transcontinental flights.  Very hip!

One company has re-introduced a dice game developed by the celebrated classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  The game works by assigning the number rolled by the player to a chart developed by the composer. This action is repeated until the perfect minuet emerges from the sonic void. Over one hundred quadrillion tunes are possible, making this the gift that keeps on giving.  (And you think he writes too much music now!)

I recently saw where you can a create a personalized sound wave print of a musical composition suitable for framing.  This means I could take the recording of one of his big hits, like THE AWAKENING or PIETA, and have it turned into sound waves!  Let Music Live!

A simpler idea…  a composer version of the classic card game Authors!

A practical idea…  Musical Toilet Paper

A silly idea…  A singing Christmas tie complete with jingle bells and dancing reindeer!

A classic idea… A bobble head Beethoven!

A fashion statement:  A T-Shirt that says,  “I’m a fermata, hold me”.

So many things to choose from!  Where does a son begin?

There are so many options and so little time!

Maybe I’ll just go with something that is sure to inspire him…. a music box that plays a tune from “THE LITTLE MERMAID. “

Jonathan Martin

Editors Note:  Sue Martin portrayed THE LITTLE MERMAID for Disney during her 20 years as a singer/actress for the company.

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Jonathan Martin received a degree in Interdisciplinary studies from Naropa University with an emphasis in World Religion and Psychology. An accomplished writer his lyrics have been set to music by composers such as Brad Nix, Victor Johnson, John Purifoy, Jon Paige and his father Joseph Martin. Jonathan lives in Austin, Texas.

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