If you could have dinner with an influential sacred leader from the past, who would you choose?



If I could have dinner with any sacred leader from the distant past, it would be Peter Marshall, the Scottish-born Presbyterian minister who became the Chaplain of the U. S. Senate, to talk with him about writing prayers. From the more recent past, I would choose John O’Donohue, the Irish poet and former Catholic priest, to talk about his brilliant contemporary blessings. Both men left this life too soon: Marshall at age 46, O’Donohue at 52.



Other than the obvious answer that of Jesus, I would love to have dinner with the Biblical Queen Esther.    She was a leader courageous in her faith, although most difficult to be.

A more modern day, leader, who I would also love to have dinner with would be the missionary, Elizabeth Elliott.    The fact she went to a savage tribe who killed her husband in order to share the Gospel to them, is again, in my opinion a leader courageous in her faith, although also most difficult.

I would love to talk to these ladies about the Lord’s faithfulness in our faithfulness to Him!



Hmm. I would choose Randall Thompson. When I was in the West Point Chapel Choir, I was moved by many of his “chestnut” pieces that we sang. I’d love to learn more from him about his approach to sacred music composition.



J. S. Bach, of course!  He is refuted as the most famous of Lutheran composers! From what I know of Bach, he was well versed in theology, and incorporated what he believed into his life, and into all his music, even his instrumental works.  Other than asking him why he had so many children, I would like to know his thought process in taking a piece of music from the initial creative “germ” to the full-blown composition.  I would also like to know what he did in his spare time (did he have any?)



Two sacred influencers from the past I’d like to have dinner with are King David (a songwriter with whom I find myself relating to more and more) and Esther (my favorite Bible story growing up – what little girl doesn’t like a great beauty pageant!).



Martin Luther. Hymn writer, protester, and beer drinker all in one package. I’d go for the Diet Coke though.



  1. Brian Wilson – the Beach Boys founder & chief composer.  Would love to talk about composition and writing processes
  2. Pete Maravich – famous LSU/NBA player.  Averaged 44.2 ppg in college.  Became a Christian later in life.  Would love to talk about matters of faith and BB history.
  3. J. R. R. Tolkien – famous author of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Would love to talk about imagination and transforming mental images into usable pieces of literary art.



C. S. Lewis

Billy Graham

Fanny Crosby

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