Music of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has just passed. Christmas is around the corner. I’m taking this opportunity to “mash-up” these two events and say how very thankful I am for all the Ministers of Music, church choirs, church orchestras, and drama ministries that have programmed my music for the last forty Christmases. Your support and patronage have helped sustain me and my family. But more importantly, for these past four decades you have been my voice.

You have faithfully taken my words and music into your community and used it to make a difference in the lives of your fellow Believers, your children, and your neighbors. Without you, I am merely putting notes on paper, and writing words that rhyme. Year after year, you breathe life into those notes and words, and I am humbled by that reality.

So – to every Music Minister who ever purchased and programmed my music, to every choir member that sang it, to every orchestra member that played it, to every cast member that ever donned a Biblical bathrobe in one of my musicals, and to every tenor who ever belted out the high part in “I Have Seen the Light”….

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart – thank you, and Merry Christmas! May God bless you all this Advent season.

Robert Sterling

Robert Sterling


May God’s Glory Fill This Temple


I am a fortunate man…
• Husband to a wonderful woman for so many years it is assumed I must have married her when she was five years old.
• Father to two talented, grounded young men, both of whom I would choose as friends if I wasn’t already their dad.
• Grandfather to four beautiful grandchildren.
I am a fortunate man…
• Still finding new avenues for the work I love after some four decades.
• Privileged to make music with incredibly talented cowriters, artists, and recording musicians all along the way.
• Blessed to work with ethical, creative clients from all around the globe, in the worlds of church music, advertising, musical theater, & broadcast media.
• Winner of six Dove Awards.
• Writer of eight Top Ten Christian radio hits.
• Producer of Point of Grace, the Talleys, Kurt Kaiser and several other talented recording artists.
• Writer/Arranger/Orchestrator of a small mountain of choral music anthems, collections and musicals.
• Author of The Craft of Christian Songwriting.

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