What is the best holiday dish and worst holiday dish?

 For this issue, we asked out composers to tell us their favorite and least favorite holiday dishes.


Best: my older sister’s homemade pies.

Worst: fruitcake



Best holiday dish is oyster dressing.

Worst holiday dish is mincemeat pie.



Best: Corn casserole

Worst: Either fruitcake or boiled vegetables



Best dish – mashed potatoes, of course!

Worst dish – lutefisk (I’m Scandinavian and grew up in MN. It’s a thing!)



My best holiday Dish:  TEXAS TRASH:  This is hot and SPICY Chex mix that has loads of Tabasco sauce and jalapeno salt to give it a Longhorn kick!

Worst Holiday dish:  MASHED POTATOES:  I can’t understand why these are so many peoples favorite side dish!  Feel free to make mine, HEATHER!  I never get them and it leaves more room on my plate for Oyster dressing!



Well, I have to say that the best holiday dish is the one shared with the entire family – the one that no one complains about and everyone wants to have a part of. That’s usually dessert, right?

With that said, my personal favorite is usually potatoes and gravy. My Grandma Schwarz used to make a German mashed potato that was really about half potato, half cabbage, and a whole lot of butter. It was delicious! We try to remake from time-to-time, but the memory of having it around her table in Longmont can’t be beat.

My least favorite is absolutely, hands-down, cranberry sauce. I just can’t get used to the slightly bitter taste that seems to be in every variation of this traditional dish. Since my brother loves the stuff, however, it never goes to waste!



The best? – Turkey w/Southern Cornbread Turkey Dressing

The worst? – Claxton Fruit Cake or oyster dressing



My favorite holiday dish is Brussel  sprouts…My husband and son do not like them, so this is the only time I really have them, when at my Aunt Chris’ house for Christmas.

Sometimes my relatives serve as appetizers both herring and raw beef…I have to say, those would be my worst holiday dishes that I’ve never tried.



Best Christmas Dish: Our family’s tradition of eggnog French toast on Christmas morning

Worst Christmas Dish: Black bean tamales (While I love the tradition of tamales for Christmas here in Texas, I hate beans, so no tamales with frijoles, please.)



Best = Bacon

Worst = Reindeer



Best – sweet and sour green beans w/bacon

Worst – canned cranberry sauce



BEST: Pumpkin Pie – nothing else even close!

WORST: Fruitcake – who even eats that stuff?



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